Jun 16, 2023

This Amazon dress with built

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While there’s definitely still a place for body-shaping underwear, we’re loving this Popilush Shapewear dress with a built-in bodysuit.

The clever dress features a ‘non-compressive butt design’ to lift and shape your bum as well as mesh lining to sculpt the thighs.

There’s also a double layer over the abdominal area to smooth your tummy and a built in bra.

Basically, it’s designed to pull you in at all the right places, will still allowing you to breath and move (always a bonus).

It also has a rather quirky feature, which might take a little getting used to – an ‘open gusset’ to allow for ‘easy peeing’.

The black Shapewear dress is available on Amazon from £79.99, where you can also find a surprisingly detailed illustration on how to use the open gusset for bathroom breaks…

According to the brand, the fabric of the dress is made from regenerative plants and is fully biodegradable. The brand also says fewer chemicals are used in fabric’s production process, compared to other forms of rayon.

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The dress has more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon with almost 80% four and five stars, with one shopper raving it was ‘genuinely the most flattering dress I own to date’.

One shopper raved: ‘Oh, where do I even begin with this incredible black dress? It’s like a magical garment that has taken my wardrobe to a whole new level of fabulousness! Let me just say, this dress has become my new best friend, and we’re inseparable!’

Another described it as ‘absolutely brilliant’, and another noted: ‘The built in shape wear is awesome and smooths your whole body and gives you great shape.’

One enthused: ‘Love love love this!!! I’m a size 12/14 and I bought a large, enhances my shape and I felt super confident!’

While a fourth added: ‘The shaping element gave me a gorgeous shape, the material of the dress itself is nice and thick so nothing shows through.’

We should note that if you’re a tad shorter, some reviews say this dress is best suited for those with a bit of height (still, nothing a good alterations genius can’t fix).

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