May 04, 2024

Mastering Shapewear: The Ultimate Guide to Women's Body Shapers and Tummy Control

While shapewear is nothing like diamonds, they are still very good friends to women. In essence, we are talking about underwear whose intention is to help women shape their bodies. This is not a new product. It has been around for ages.

Of course, it has been modernized in terms of both material used and the general design. Beauty has always been ideal, and shapewear is one of the ways to achieve the desirable figure even if it’s just for a little bit. As we said, this form of underwear was around in ancient times as Romans and Greeks also practiced wearing it, and it survived till today.

So, the starting point should be its evolution through years, and general purpose.

Having a perfect figure is not an ideal of modern times. One might think so due to the widespread use of social media platforms, but no! It was there before our age, and even longer than that. We already mentioned that it was present in ancient Europe and everywhere in between the grandiose ages of the Renaissance and Victorian age. In the beginning, its sole goal was to provide females with an hourglass figure.

But with the dawn of a new age and the 20th and 21st centuries, the outlook of shapewear changed. From hourglass, we moved to a more round style. But, one thing never changed. Shapewear persisted in helping the ladies alter their figure.

While a marvelous invention, it cannot perform wonders. This is why before choosing your ideal shapewear you must learn a few things about your body shape.

There is no perfect shapewear if you’re not familiar with your body. All of us are different. Our bodies differ. Thus, the garments we’ll wear need to differ too. Body shape comes in, well, let’s make a pun, a lot of shapes. The most common ones include pear, apple, rectangle, and of course hourglass among a few others.

When you know where you belong you can choose the ideal tummy control shapewear and HauteFlair comes close to that description. While knowing our body shape makes things easier, many of you are not aware of it. This is why we’re going to spend a few lines helping you to determine your body shape.

It is not too hard, rest at ease. Now that you know this, here’s what you need to do. First start from your shoulders. Measure around them and don’t save on their fullest parts. You need to be precise. When you’re done with your shoulders move down to your bust. Repeat the process. You’ll wrap up the measurements with your waist and your hips.

Once you have the measurements, by a simple comparison you’ll find a group where you fit in. For example, if you have equal measurements around the bust and hips, but lower around the waist the chances are you’re blessed with an hourglass figure.

When it comes to shapewear it is good to know that you have plenty of choices. None of them are limitless, but they provide what you paid for. One of the most popular options on the market is the high-waist body shapers. The reasons for their popularity are simple – they target a plethora of body areas with the most important ones being the tummy, hips, waist, and of course back.

When you wear one your silhouette will appear like never before – smooth and classy. High waist shapers are ideal if you plan on wearing skirts and dresses. What makes them so popular is that it’s almost impossible to notice you’re even wearing one under your clothes.

Their, not so direct, counterparts are the full-bodysuit shapers. If you’re closed from top to bottom, and we’re talking long dresses and gowns this should be your choice. Unlike the high waist body shapers, bodysuits cover more areas and are almost unlimited in their coverage.

With a bodysuit you’ll be covering everything that a high waist body shaper does but with the inclusion of the torso, abdomen, and even thighs. While no clothing apparel can provide wonders, these bodysuits come almost close.

It is almost as if shapewear knows no boundaries. The more you read this article the more you’ll realize that every part of your body can and will be covered by a piece of shapewear. There are items that are intended to cover only the area of your tummy.

If this is where the issues lie with your body we got you covered. What you’ll love to hear is that tummy shapers can come on their own, but are also a part of the high waist shapers and full bodysuits too. Whatever it takes to cover your tummy.

Another area of female bodies that requires frequent corrections is, of course, the butt. As far as butts go, they are often helped by shapewear called butt lifters. If you want your rear end to appear bulkier and perkier you need a lifter.

If you want to add that volume to your butt, but without having to work out hard or undergo surgery, a butt lifter will solve all the issues. Another option that helps with shaping are compression shorts. Consider wearing one especially if you do sports.

Size is where you don’t have the luxury to make a mistake. Material on the other hand is a matter of personal preferences. Both are equally important as long as you care for your comfort and the effect of the shapewear. Usually to create productive shapewear the usage of nylon, spandex, Lycra, and cotton is necessary.

When you make a selection, consider that you’ll be wearing more clothes over your shapewear. This is why you must seek breathable materials. As far as the size is concerned, you won’t have any effect if you buy a larger piece. Smaller on the other hand will cause discomfort while wearing. You need to pick an ideal size.

If you haven’t been aware of the shapewear’s existence till now, you are from this moment on. It is an ideal accessory every lady should have in her wardrobe. While it can’t perform magic it certainly is a great helper in achieving the immediate goals of every lady with a gig event ahead.

But, don’t think that shapewear is only intended when you’re going out. It can be used as a daily accessory too. It’s up to you to shape your style!