Jul 11, 2023

Skims Bra review: Best Skims' bras for large chests

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One of them is perfect for nixing heatwave boob sweat

First the bodysuit went viral on TikTok for how it synched the waist, then the dress made waves for its flattering silhouette. If there’s one thing we know for sure about Skims: they know their shapewear.

As well as fashion and shapewear, they also specialise in underwear garments, and I was most interested in the bras. The dresses and bodysuits have been getting all the hype, so do the bras measure up in the same way?

The bras have garnered a bit of attention online for how inclusive their size and colour range is so I put six of the brands best sellers to the test with my 32DD chest.

Skims is a shapewear and clothing company launched in 2019 that was valued at over $4 billion in July 2023. The business was founded by multi-hyphenate Kim Kardashian and her serial entrepreneur business partners, Emma Grede and Jens Grede.

There’s no denying Skims is more expensive than some other underwear brands on the market. However, in my experience you get what you pay for and the quality speaks for itself.

If you have a larger chest, however, I would recommend reading through this review to make sure the bra will offer you the level of support you need.

If I could only wear one skims bra for the rest of my life it would have to be the Weightless Demi Bra, it’s the perfect combination of comfortable and flattering. The Naked Plunge Longline Bra would be a close second, however, and this is always the bra I wear when I want to be as comfortable as possible.

How you go about washing your Skims bra depends on which one you’re washing, but the same thing applies to all of them: cold water only.

The Weightless Demi Bra, No Show Molded Unlined Balconette Bra, and Naked Plunge Bra all need to be hand washed, while the Fits Everybody T-Shirt Bra, Fits Everybody Corded Lace Underwire Bra and Ultra Fine Mesh Strapless Bra can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

If you're not totally sure of your size you can use Skims' bra size calculator here. They also have a handy bra size converter table that you can use to figure out what size you'd wear in Skims based on your current size.

Colours available: 10

Size range: Cups: A-H, Band: 30-46

Since I was sent these Skims bras to review a few months ago, this bra has cemented its place as my most over worn undergarment. I dread the days it has to go in the wash, and wear it multiple times a week.

It's comfortable and lightweight with underwire that doesn't dig in and a breathable fabric, earning its 'weightless' moniker. Another thing I love about this bra is that because it's so lightweight and has microfibre wings it's a dream during a heatwave and helps you avoid boob sweat throughout the day.

While the bra is fuller coverage, it still has a slightly plunged design that looks great under low cut tops and definitely flatters the girls.

Colours available: 14

Size range: XXS-5X

While the Weightless Demi Bra is my go-to for when I'm out and about, the Naked Plunge Longline Bra is what I always go for if I'm having a lazy day or working from home.

The bra is supportive but still extremely comfortable, with no underwire, a buttery-soft material and wide straps that never dig in. The V-shape flatters large chests and it has removable cups and a supportive back and sides so although it isn't wired you never feel like you're going to spill out of it.

Colours available: 15

Sizes range: Cups: A-H and Band: 30-46

When my Weightless Demi Bra is in the wash this is my second favourite Skims bra to wear out and about. It's slightly heavier than the Demi bra but definitely still light, and has fuller cups so it's good if you want a bra with more coverage.

The bra looks great under T-shirts because of the full-coverage cups, and there's little to no boob overspill. The bra has been designed to fit between sizes, which is ideal for people like me who have boobs that blow up a whole size before my period.

Colours available: 10

Size range: Cups: A-H, Band: 32-46

So most of the Skims bras have comfort and functionality at the core of their design, which doesn't always lend itself to making the sexiest underwear. This bra combines the qualities that makes Skims great with a fun, flirty design that is still extremely flattering.

I tend to steer clear from lace bras for every day wear as I can find the material to be a little itchy, but this one has super soft cups and just a fine lace trim that means you can barely feel the lace while you're wearing it.

Colours available: 10

Size range: Cups: A-H, Band: 32-44

Lets start with the positives: the material of this bra is possibly the softest I've ever felt on a bra, and when I'm wearing it it feels like I've got nothing on.

The downside of this, however, is that it doesn't offer the level of support I need with a large chest and the underwire does dig in a little bit more than the others despite being the same size. The material is so sheer that if it's a cold day it doesn't offer much in the way of disguising your nipples, so I wouldn't recommend it for going into the office.

The sheerness is very sexy though, so I'd recommend it for a date night or any other occasion where you want your boobs to look incredible.

Colours available: 7

Size range: Cups: A-H, Band: 30-46

Anyone with big boobs knows the struggle of trying to find a good strapless bra, and unfortunately, this one isn't up for the challenge. While I think this would be a dream for smaller chests, the unlined cups and small back strap were no match for my melons.

If I didn't wear it with the accompanying straps it would slip down, and if I did wear it with the straps it dug in a little uncomfortably on the side. It has a similar sheer material to the No Show Molded Unlined Balconette Bra so it is quite sexy, but I wouldn't recommend it on a day you need support.

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