Aug 22, 2023

Ryan Gosling And Simu Liu’s Awkward Red Carpet Moment Has Fans In Heated Debate

Things appeared to get really beachy between two Kens on a “Barbie” red carpet.

A video has resurfaced of an odd moment between Ryan Gosling (Ken) and Simu Liu (also Ken) while posing for pictures during a press event last month. The video was captured on June 28, during the Toronto press day — which took place ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike that began July 14.

In the clip, Gosling and Liu are standing next to each other for photos when Liu decides to wrap his arm around Gosling’s waist. In response, Gosling looks down at his hand and steps back, appearing to brush off Liu. Gosling says a few words to Liu, which are not audible, and Liu can be heard saying, “It’s too tender? Fair enough,” before the two continue to pose for more photos.

“Oh, I’d literally never show my face again,” said one Twitter user whose post of the incident received over 12 million views.

The video caused a debate on Twitter. Some fans felt that Gosling’s salty behavior was genuine.

While others felt they were just trying to work out a pose or doing a bit that played on their characters in the movie, who are Ken-emies.

HuffPost reached out to Gosling and Liu for clarification but did not receive an immediate response.

But, according to other interviews the two Ken-adian actors did on the same press day, the actors seem to be on pretty friendly terms.

When Canada’s CTV asked the duo on the red carpet what the difference between their Kens was, Liu decided to take a friendly jab at Gosling.

“I won’t name any names, but one of the Kens in this movie can backflip,” he said, jokingly looking over at Gosling with feigned sorrow. “And one of the Kens cannot.”

Gosling played along.

“And as a result of that, one of the Kens has a deep well of sadness,” Gosling replied. “And has to wear sunglasses to try and hide.”

Gosling was also later asked by the same outlet how he felt about Liu and responded with:

“Simu can do flips,” Gosling said. “Simu can do anything. … I have nothing but admiration for Simu. I admire his Ken-ergy.”

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