Jul 05, 2023

I have 40i

A LARGE-CHESTED influencer shared her fashion must-have for wearing tube tops.

She said the garment allowed for a no-slip grip and prevents her boobs from looking like a uniboob.

Briana Tisdale (@iam.melanin.marie) shared the fashion advice with over 70,000 TikTok followers.

"I heard y'all wanted the scoop on big boobs wearing tube tops and I'm not talking about triple D," she said.

She held up a Yitty bandeau, $40, from singer Lizzo's shapewear brand: "I like the Yitty because it comes with two straps just in case they come off," she said.

Sporting just a push-up bra, the influencer quickly wrapped the bandeau over herself, securing her chest in place.

"Do y'all see how it just brings the girls up and secured, very secured," she joked, jumping up and down.

Finally, she threw the tube top on, showing off her white tube top and green cargo pants fit.

"Do y'all see how it gives you that separation and don't give you a uniboob?" she said.

"It also has a non-slip grip on the inside of the Yitty bra," she added.

"Mind you, my boobs are 40-I... very secured, purr."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her review.

Many were begrudgingly convinced: "Now why you do this to me on payday," said one commenter.

"You just put me onnnnnnnn," said another.

"They need to give you a code ASAP because you sold me for sure!" said a third.