Jan 07, 2024

Wacoal New Shape Revelation Collection Enhances Your Body’s Natural Silhouette

Crafted with your size and shape in mind, Wacoal's new collection of bras and shapewear flatters your natural figure like no other.

Trying to find bras and shapewear that compliment your unique size AND shape is tough. It feels like some companies only make bras for people who already have perky, symmetrical breasts or only make shapewear for people who already have lifted bottoms and nipped-in waists. Wacoal’s new Shape Revelation™️ line of bras and shapewear is specifically crafted to address the varying needs of different breasts and body shapes. Find your fit below.

Shape Revelation™️ Pendulous Underwire Bra

For pendulous breasts: Pendulous breasts tend to be more soft than firm, pointing down with the majority of the weight around the nipple. This underwire bra features cups with a bonded panel that wraps around the sides and bottom of the breasts to provide support and a higher center to shape and contain the tissue.

Shape Revelation™️ Shallow Top Underwire T-Shirt Bra

For shallow top breasts: Shallow top breasts are a natural variation in breast anatomy, characterized by a broader or wider shape above the nipple compared to the lower part of the breast. It's quite common in women who have breastfed. This seamless t-shirt bra has cups with a custom-shaped pad that restores overall roundness and volume of the breast.

Shape Revelation™️ Uneven Underwire Bra

For uneven breasts: Everyone's breasts are slightly uneven. Wacoal designed this bra for breasts that are a full cup size different. Use the bra's front strap adjustments to align your breasts while using a mirror, while the back strap adjustments enable you to customize the strap length according to your height.

Shape Revelation™️ Hourglass Thigh Shaper

This V-back thigh shaper is designed to fit an hourglass figure without any discomfort. Crafted with a cinched waist, this shaper grants your hips and bottom ample space to ensure a seamless fit. The result? A smooth appearance that accentuates your natural curves, creating a flattering silhouette. Plus, the no-slip tape keeps the shapewear from sliding out of position – an absolute must.

Shape Revelation™️ Straight Hi Waist Thigh Shaper

This high-waist thigh shaper's unique design boasts a slimmer cut around the hips, while offering generous room at the waist — perfect if you have a straighter frame. It lifts your bottom with custom-shaped panels, delivers seamless lines, and uses medical-grade silicone to prevent any rolling.

Wacoal has handy tools to ensure your fit is nothing less than perfect, like this page to assist in identifying your unique breast shape. The Find Your Fit section has many ways to determine your size and pick your perfect bra from the comfort of your home: mybraFit™️, its digital sizing tool, an expert chat box for live help, and fit calculator to measure yourself with step-by-step instructions. Feel confident in your body and outfit with Wacoal today.

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