Jul 27, 2023

These Husbands Mistook SKIMS Bodysuits for Baby Clothes

The latest social media trend sees women showing their husbands a SKIMS bodysuit. And more often than not, the men confuse it for baby clothes!

Aug. 24 2023, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

Let's face it — Kim Kardashian is a certified businesswoman. The media personality has founded several companies, including SKIMS, the shapewear company that everyone (and we mean everyone) on TikTok is obsessed with.

The clothing brand is all over the social media platform, with many TikTokers gushing over its skin-tight slip dresses and ridiculously tiny-looking bodysuits. Although most creators post unboxing videos and try-on hauls, some women share their husbands' reactions to the bodysuits — and it's actually hilarious. Read on for more details!

In a viral TikTok video, Quincie Cox called her husband, Zach Cox, into their unborn daughter's closet. The pregnant creator then pointed to a black outfit hanging up behind two blue infant rompers.

"What is that?" Quincie asked, and Zach excitedly replied, "I color-coordinated them!"

Quincie laughed before telling Zach to take a closer look at the black garment. He grabbed the piece but still didn't see the problem. As a result, Quincie suggested he look at the back because, well, there's a thong.

Upon seeing the back, Zach's jaw dropped: "Is it for you?" he asked in disbelief. "You're gonna fit in this? It looks like it's for a 12 month old." OK, no lies detected there!

"It's my SKIMS bodysuit. Well, it's the knockoff from Amazon," Quincie explained.

Zach then grabbed a baby onesie, held it up next to Quincie's bodysuit, and revealed they're the same size. He joked that Quincie and their daughter are "already sharing clothes at 12 months old."

The hilarious clip has amassed over 24 million views and 3.1 million likes. Many fellow TikTokers took to the comment section to disclose that their spouses have done the same thing as Zach.

"My son wore one of my black crop tops to kindergarten because my husband put it in his closet," one person said. A second TikToker wrote, "My husband has def put my crop tops in the kids' clothes."

Another person added, "My hubby thought my mini makeup eraser was a burp cloth." Dude, what the heck?!

On Jan. 24, Megan Williams (@meg_willi) posted a hilarious clip on TikTok with the caption, "Safe to say I gave him a heart attack." In the 18-second video, Megan showed off her SKIMS bodysuit to her husband. He grabbed it and frantically asked, "Is this for a baby? Are you pregnant?!"

Megan giggled and said it was her bodysuit, and her husband was shook to the core.

In a TikTok video shared by Sam and Jess (@samandjessofficial), Jess shared her husband Sam's hilarious reaction to her wearing the viral SKIMS bodysuit. He couldn't fathom the process, telling Jess there was no way the bodysuit was going to fit (as stated before, the garment is extremely tiny-looking) — but it did.

"You got it on," Sam said, unable to pick his jaw up from off the floor. "I gotta admit ... I was wrong."

The humorous clip, which was posted on July 17, has been viewed more than 4 million times and counting.

"So many people say SKIMS won't fit, and they fit eventually perfect" one person said.

Others pointed out Sam's reaction: "The jaw drop," they wrote alongside a face with tears of joy emoji.

"I love how he was shocked," a third TikToker shared, while another added, "Bro was flabbergasted!"