Dec 06, 2023

The best shapewear for your personal comfort and style

Shopping for shapewear can be tricky.

With so many options on the market, "Good Morning America" lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto is rounding up all of the best shapewear picks, from the best bodysuit and tank options to the best slips and more.

For example, Bergamotto recommends the Commando Two-Faced Tech Control Full Slip. "With sleek microfiber on the outside and comfy cotton on the inside, Commando's revolutionary two-faced tech fabric has light-to-moderate compression to leave you smoothed, not stuffed in your full slip," the brand's website reads.

Check out all of Bergamotto's picks below!

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"The Holy Grail of warm-weather shapewear, these bestselling, quick-dry, anti-chafe shorts offer all of the smooth-it-all-out magic that Spanx has come to be beloved for, without any of the constriction or added bulk," Bergamotto says. "Breathable and lightweight, this is incredible for brides, wedding guests and prom-goers who want a seamless, sleek appearance in the skirt of their dress. It's anti-chafe -- perfect for dancing all night! -- and honestly feels like a second skin. You barely notice that you're wearing it, but will be acutely aware of the smoothing effect you get!"

"Comfortable compression is not an oxymoron! With over 9,000 positive reviews, these power shorts will not only sculpt your thighs and backside, but they also offer incomparable tummy control," Bergamotto explains. "They're designed with an X-compression in the mid-section, so they're able to support without squeezing! Plus, thanks to the cotton gusset and nylon/spandex material, they are lightweight enough to wear all year round for a smooth silhouette under any outfit."

"This is the No. 1 bestseller in women's shapewear tops on Amazon with over 18,0000 positive reviews -- and for good reason. With sizing ranging from Small to 4XL and four available shades, users love that this supports and compresses to perfection, but it does not ride up," Bergamotto says. "Excellent to wear with tops where you want just a little more support in the tummy, back, or waist. Users also reported that it was comfortable to wear all day. One tip: Put this on feet first and lift it up, instead of pulling it on over your head. It will be easier and lay correctly right away!"

"This is known as the internet's favorite sculpting bodysuit -- and, yes, it really is that game-changing," Bergamotto says. "You can wear this under dresses or tops for a sleek, smooth appearance, but we've also heard from a ton of users who like this as a stand-alone top or cami under a jacket or cardigan. One of the things that people love about SKIMS is that it's a really inclusive brand. It comes in nine sizes from XXS to 4X and 10 shades, so it really feels custom made for every body. Plus, it has adjustable straps and a snap closure for convenience, so you don't have to take it on and off if nature calls."

"'90s fashion is back in a big way, and with that trend, we're seeing a lot of slip dresses everywhere," Bergamotto says. "They can be tricky to pull off though, especially when they're silky because they show every contour of your body. This top-seller from Commando is a fan favorite thanks to its composition. It's microfiber on the outside for a smooth finish, but the inside is lined with cotton so it won't budge, which is key! And, because it's a light to medium compression, you can wear this in warm weather and not feel like you're suffocating!"

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