Aug 11, 2023

Azealia Banks Sort Of Praised Nicki Minaj's New Promo Images

Nicki Minaj is moving full steam ahead on her forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2, to ensure it drops on its November 11 release date. After teasing several unreleased song snippets on TikTok, Minaj took to Instagram on Friday, August 25, to announce her next single, “Last Time I Saw You,” with new promotional images and a video.

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The materials were enough to break down the defenses of a notorious online hater of all things, Azealia Banks. In a screenshot captured by Pop Crave, Banks took to her Instagram stories to praise Minaj’s beauty in a lengthy note underlined with shade.

“Like I would never even think you’d like something like this,” wrote Banks. “This is the best look I have ever seen you in. Ever, okay? It’s soft, it’s delicate, it’s kinda North African vibes, it’s bohemian, your facial expression is so relaxed and radiant, and this body?! Nicki, I’ve never seen you look this comfortable in your own skin! Yes. This is sensuality, honey, okay.”

She continued, “Nicki, if you get some cute little Russian twists cuts going, it’s over. Like so, so over. Nah, after this, I never wanna see you choked up in a waist trainer ever again. I’ve always thought you were pretty, but this is radiant beauty and glamour right here. I just shed a tear. She’s giving ribcage. F*k it up, yas. Nah, for real, sis. I’m not even trying to shade you, but you have never ever looked this chic, stylish, sexy, or at ease.”

Azealia Banks praises Nicki Minaj and her look for new single, "Last Time I Saw You":

"You have never ever looked this chic, stylish, sexy, at ease….."

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) August 27, 2023

Banks has said some disgusting things online, including her insensitive remarks about the late social media influencer Jacky Oh. Could this be the dawning of a new era for her?

Nicki Minaj has not shared any further updates regarding her upcoming single “Last Time I Saw You.”